Advanced Building Group routinely performs complete construction management services including pre-construction, permitting, scheduling and logistics, cost control and change management, field supervision,  punch-list and closeout.  Our role is to work closely with the project owner, architects, engineers and subcontractors and the additional resources necessary to successfully complete your project in a safe, cost efficient and timely manner while working to exceed the client's expectations.


Advanced Building Group has successfully performed as a General Contractor for Owners on various types of projects. We perform construction work to meet the client's needs and desires. From a competitive estimate, hiring of qualified subcontractors and performance and management of the work to project completion, Advanced Building Group maintains control of all aspects of your project. The final result is a cost efficient project, completed on time, to the satisfaction of all.

General Trade Packages

Advanced Building Group has successfully performed numerous general trade and carpentry packages for Construction and Program Managers on various types of projects. We have taken on the role of a “mini GC” within larger projects for Construction and Program Managers, where we, due to our experience, have the ability to provide the management of general trade and carpentry packages that include a multitude of trades and specification sections, which have included the following:

Demolition, Concrete, Masonry, Steel, Carpentry, Millwork, Roofing, Doors, Frames and Hardware, Overhead Doors, Glass & Glazing, Gyp Board and Acoustical, Ceramic Tile, Flooring, Painting, Fire Extinguishers and Cabinets, Toilet Partitions and Accessories, Lockers, Visual Display Boards, Stage Curtains, Gym Equipment, Appliances, Storage Mezzanines, Window Treatments and Shades, Signage, Laboratory Casework, Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, Sitework and Fencing.